Draw of Wednesday, 24.04.2019

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Wednesday, 24.04.2019

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Matches Winners Prize
6 Balls 0x € 0.00
5 Balls 115x € 12,537.16
4 Balls 10504x € 196.08
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The Mega-Sena lottery takes place in Brazil every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 23:00 CET. The good news is that the location where the draw is held it is not an impediment for you to play and win this Brazilian lottery. At EuroMillions.com we have lucky winners everyday from all around the world! The results are published on our website shortly after the draw so you can check the complete prize breakdown to see if you have won. To win the jackpot you have to match the 6 main numbers. Although, if you haven’t matched all numbers, you can also win a prize when matching only 4 or 5 winning numbers. Your winnings will be automatically credited to your player account and without any comission fees. Are you having a hard time choosing your ticket numbers? These are the luckiest numbers of the Mega-Sena lottery so far: 10, 5, 53, 4, 23 and number 54. The odds of winning a Mega-Sena prize are 1 in 2,298, which at first glance seems high but take into consideration that compared to other lotteries Mega-Sena prizes are impressive! The minimum guaranteed jackpot is R$2,000,000 which is the equivalent of approximately €470.000. The Jackpot rolls over until there is a winner in the first prize category. As prizes increase importantly there have been thousands of big winners in the history of the Mega-Sena lottery. The biggest jackpot ever won by a single player was in 2017. The lucky winner took home a prize of R$306 million (€69 million). Play your favourite Mega-Sena numbers at EuroMillions.com and who knows you will become one of the biggest lottery winners in Brazil!