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EuroMillions winners and prize breakdown

Matches Winners Prize
5 Numbers + 2 Lucky stars 0x € 0.00
5 Numbers + 1 Lucky stars 2x € 474,167.83
5 Numbers + 0 Lucky stars 1x € 220,878.18
4 Numbers + 2 Lucky stars 42x € 2,572.34
4 Numbers + 1 Lucky stars 590x € 195.32
3 Numbers + 2 Lucky stars 1.910x € 84.22
4 Numbers + 0 Lucky stars 1.409x € 64.75
2 Numbers + 2 Lucky stars 27.282x € 15.40
3 Numbers + 1 Lucky stars 28.705x € 15.47
3 Numbers + 0 Lucky stars 62.370x € 13.47
1 Numbers + 2 Lucky stars 155.713x € 7.63
2 Numbers + 1 Lucky stars 419.424x € 8.50
2 Numbers + 0 Lucky stars 900.741x € 4.86
EuroMillions past numbers

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The latest EuroMillions results are published here right after every draw. You can check the 5 balls and 2 lucky stars drawn, the amount of each prize and how many players won per combination. If you are one of them, you have nothing to do but celebrate: your prize will be automatically credited to your player account!

EuroMillions is an international game: Swiss, British, French, Spanish, Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish and Portuguese lotteries administrate it. But anybody in the world can participate online!
The maximum EuroMillions jackpot, a €190 Million prize, has been won for the last time on Friday October 6th, 2017 by a Spanish player. And in June 2018 the EuroMillions jackpot has been won four times so far: on the draw of Friday 1st a prize of €74 Million was split among two lucky players from Spain and Portugal, while on the draw of Tuesday 5th a prize of €17 Million went to Ireland and on Friday the 8th €17 Million jackpot was won by a Spanish player. On the draw of last Tuesday 19th the jackpot was won by someone from France with a prize of €36 Million

Remember, though, that there are 13 different prize tiers and you just need to match 2 numbers to win a prize: this is the easiest category to get with odds of 1 in 22, which would give you at least the money to buy new tickets.
If you win any prize you’ll receive an email notification and it will be credited to your player account shortly after the draw. But in case you win a prize bigger than €2500 we will support you with the claiming procedure, so that the money will be credited directly to your bank account without commissions. Also take note that the deadline to claim a prize is 90 days. For more information about the process read how to correctly claim your lottery prize.

If you didn't have any luck, don't give up and play again: there's no reason why you couldn't be the jackpot winner in the next draw!