Dream destinations: the best places to visit when you win the lottery

We are all immersed into everyday life routine that is full of problem-solving, decision-making and rush. People always push themselves to the limits in order to earn a lot of money and succeed, but sometimes it is useful to tear yourself away from problems, take a big breath and dream. And what if one day you buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot? You will not have to care about money anymore! When the time for vacations is approaching, each of us deserves to rest from everyday city life and routine we are facing daily. Winning a lottery jackpot opens doors to plenty opportunities. So, how would you spend money if you wake up a millionaire one day? Would you spend your lottery prize on travelling?

Nowadays, tourism sector is very well developed and has a wide choice in order to satisfy needs and wills of any capricious individual. Travel agencies all over the world offer tours for different taste and budget, but only selected resorts are worthy of becoming the best in the world, for real millionaires. 

So, today we suggest you to dream big: sit comfortably, relax and imagine ten vacation spots that you can visit if one day you are lucky to win a lottery!

Hit parade: Top 10 resorts to visit when you are millionaire 

10. North Island (Seychelles) – 5000 euros/night

In 1997, a unique project was launched on the North Island. Its goal was to make the island the second home for rare species of animals and birds preserved on the archipelago. To provide financial support for the project in the future, the island's owners decided to build the North Island Resort hotel, designed for an elected audience: small but unrivaled in its luxury. The environment of North Island is very beautiful - picturesque granite rocks, ponds, overgrown with lilies, tropical jungles, in the depths of which are hidden transparent lakes. A real paradise for “virgin nature” lovers! 

Win the lottery and go to North Island

9. Barbados island – 7000 euros/night

Barbados – an island that is surrounded by coral reefs, beautiful beaches and lush tropical nature. South Coast of the island has perfect windsurfing conditions and attracts risk-lovers to enjoy crazy waves. The west coast is being washed by the Caribbean Sea; it is famous for its golden sandy beaches and calm clear waters. The Crane Beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, it is one of the ten best beaches in the world. 

Win the lottery and go to Barbados

8. Maldives – 8500 euros/night

Perhaps, the best destination for a lottery winner in the Maldives is The Rania Experience Hotel. This hotel is far from civilization on a picturesque little island. The hotel has amazing beaches with crystal clean water. What attracts a lot of visitors, is that all rooms at the hotel are made of natural materials, so they are environment-friendly. At any moment, you can go for a yacht trip or diving with a scuba diving suit. The hotel is also famous for its best world chefs and bartenders. If you want to relax in a secluded, beautiful place – Maldives are for you.

7. Miami – 12000 euros/night

One of the world-famous hotels: Casa Contenta. This villa will please you not only with top-quality conditions and personnel, but also a unique interior design. Each room in the hotel is made in a style of different countries, with all its national attributes. Moreover, having settled for example in the room of France, the best chefs can cook you exclusively French dishes. At the disposal of guests is a personal masseur, stylist, coach and even a driver. Service at the hotel is at the highest level.

6. Scotland – 16 000 euros/night

Dall House, located in Scotland, is a castle where only elite is allowed. To visit this paradise, you must be a member of a private club, with annual contributions of $1 000 000, not including the initial membership fee of $204 000 000. The resort offers best spa facilities, a golf course, the cleanest rivers and crystal lakes for fishing. This is exactly the place to feel relaxed and calm, a place where you can fully enjoy the surrounding nature and feel a real connection with all its beauty.

Win the lottery and go to Scotland

5. United Arab Emirates – 20 000 euros/night

Atlantis, The Palm is a colossal resort complex located on the famous artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. The atmosphere of the resort carries guests to a very special world - the world that disappeared from the surface of Atlantis. The hotel itself is decorated with arches, whimsical Arabian vaults that resemble a true oriental palace. Another resort cherry is Aquaventure, the biggest water park in UAE. Atlantis, the Palm has 17 restaurants, bars and cafes. The most famous restaurant - Nobu, opened by Robert de Niro and the famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who is currently considered the guru of the new Japanese cuisine. 

4. Calivigny Island – 23 000 euros/night

This is an unprecedented combination of all-consuming luxury, vibrant tropics and impeccable service. The island is known as one of the most exceptional places to relax in the entire Caribbean. Calivigny Island can accommodate no more than 50 guests. Thus, you can wander around the island and explore each of its paths, swim and sunbathe, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets all alone - if you want, of course!

3. Necker Island – 26 000 euros/night

The island is a private possession of British billionaire Richard Branson. Tourists can stay here only during the absence of the owner of the island and his family. It does not happen so often, but this moment is worth waiting for! Marvelous nature, the Caribbean Sea, several luxury villas, a spa, magnificent beaches, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, an impressive staff and all the conditions for a paradise holiday.

 2. Musha Cay Island – 30 900 euros/night

A wonderful island has been chosen for vacation by many world celebrities: such as Steve Martin, Penelope Cruz and Oprah Winfrey. In total, there are 5 houses that have its own beach, luxurious living rooms and a spacious dining room. The island has an excellent infrastructure for water sports, its guests can ride a jet ski or sailboat, enjoy diving and underwater hunting, jump into crystal clear water from a springboard or go fishing. However, despite the developed infrastructure, Musha Cay retained its pristine beauty, so you can feel this precious connection with nature.

1. Isla de Sa Ferradura – 93 000 euros/night

The most expensive spa resort in the world, located near Ibiza, a place for real millionaires. Not every, even most fashionable world resort, boasts such a magnificent view of the Mediterranean coast, luxurious exotic vegetation and the purest lagoon with clear water. The island combines luxury and harmony with nature. Cozy bars, waterfalls, pools and terraces create the impression that you are in paradise. Magnificent gardens all over the island with exotic fruits and flowers, located among beautiful lagoons, mountain rocks, streams and waterfalls.

Not everyone can afford to visit his dream place, but what if an opportunity comes up? What if one day you become a lottery jackpot winner? All your dreams can come true and your dream place would be waiting for you! Imagine yourself a millionaire, would you spend a part of your money for experiencing one of these resorts or maybe even all of them? 

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