What to do after winning the lottery?

You just won the lottery! Finally you will enjoy the life you deserve, now all your thoughts are about the mansions, cars and yachts that you’ll buy, traveling around the world and all the things that you will do as a millionaire! A lot of emotions that actually are difficult to handle, so it’s normal that at first you are not sure what to do or how to act properly after winning the lottery. But, don´t worry, here are 8 helpful tips for you.

I won the lottery, now what?

  1. Check that you really got a winning ticket

    It may seem an unnecessary advice, but it happens more frequently than we think that somebody believes he got a winning ticket and realizes he didn’t only at the time of claiming the lottery prize.

    This issue is easily evitable by playing lotteries online. All players who purchase tickets on EuroMillions.com receive an email notifications in case they win a prize and they can check at any moment the lottery results and their tickets in the player account.

  2. Read all instructions carefully

    In case of winning any prize, it is very important to know all the rules and regulations, in order to claim the winnings correctly.

  3. Keep your lottery ticket safe

    Playing lotteries online becomes more and more popular because it has many advantages, one of them is the digital ticket. Lottery organisers can be very exigent with the status of the lottery ticket and you never know what can happen with your lucky ticket purchased in a regular shop. A spot of coffee or ink on your ticket can make you lose a millionaire jackpot. But it would never happen to you, if you play lottery online: the winning ticket would safely be stored in your account.

  4. Don’t tell the good news to anyone

    It’s exciting to share your happiness with friends and acquaintances, and the hashtags #NewEuroMillionaire or #LotteryWinner look amazing next to your picture on social media, but you must be careful, because your new fortune can be a magnet to unreliable people that will approach you as “financial advisor” or will ask you to make investments or loans.

  5. Create a legal partnership

    If the ticket was purchased with other people, think about how you are going to divide the winnings. In case it was an oral agreement on sharing the winnings, you could make a legal force. The creation of a legal partnership in such a situation is preferable to the option in which one person will receive all the checks.

  6. Be informed about the tax regulations in your country

    The payment of taxes is one of the first steps a lottery winner must take. In every country the regulations are different, so before thinking about your new mansion or car, it’s important to be aware how much you must pay on taxes.

  7. Contact your lawyer 

    You need to assess your legitimate capabilities in terms of maintaining bank accounts and dividing winnings. The lawyer and financial advisor will be able to assist you and warn against possible pitfalls.

  8. Keep your feet on earth

    Don’t spend all your fortune in a couple of months, thinking the money that you have now is endless. It’s easy to be blinded by money and luxury, but if you are smart, with your winnings you will make safe investments or save some money for the future and you’ll be able to enjoy your new lifestyle for the rest of your days.

what to do after winning the lottery

An essential decision to take: should I stay anonymous?

Winning the lottery can change your life completely and it’s not only about your bank account. One day you are going to work as usual and the next day you are a celebrity on the evening news. An important issue to think carefully about is whether you need media attention or not, because it may turn out not in the best way for you.

On the bright side, you can enjoy your recent fame and wealthness and use it to do good actions. But on the other side, suddenly becoming rich and famous could take your friends to ask you for money, your life to be constantly monitored and everybody to have high expectations from you. So, if you prefer to avoid all this attention, it is better to keep it as anonymous as possible.

Claiming your lottery prize with total anonymity

Claiming a lottery prize without using your name a single time is not possible: you’ll always have to provide documentation that confirms your identity and the purchase of the ticket. But a good way to stay as much anonymous as allowed when you win the lottery is to claim your prize through an intermediary.

You can name your lawyer as the trustee on your behalf, enabling him to present your lottery ticket, claim the winnings and then transfer the funds to you. Doing so, you won’t have to go personally to the lottery administration and you’ll protect also your bank account. This is also applicable, when you are playing online on EuroMillions.com. If you become a lucky winner, the administrator can claim the prize on your behalf, and transfer it to you following the explained procedure.

Partial Publicity

Partial publicity is instead the situation when winners share something about themselves, without releasing their full identity. It might be the city where they live, their job, how they are going to spend their prize or even just their favourite hobby. That is why sometimes we can see headlines like “A lucky lottery winner from Madrid decided to give 100.000 euros for charity”. In general, every person can decide what exactly they would like to share and how, but not all the countries in the world allow it. Keep reading to discover all the regulations about anonymity.

Countries that allow partial/total anonymity

When choosing the lottery that you want to play, keep in mind that staying anonymous after winning sometimes is not permitted: it depends on the country that organizes the game that you’ve participated.

For most lotteries and most countries of the world, winners can opt to remain completely anonymous and refuse to communicate with the media or they can give interviews under a pseudonym and without the publication of photos. This is what happens in several countries in all continents, from Russia to China, from South Africa to Australia and Latin American countries like Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, where organizers protect the identities of their lottery winners, no matter what amount of prize they win.

In Europe the situation is the same, both for national lotteries like the italian SuperEnalotto and transnational games like EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. According to the privacy policies of all the organizer countries, winners can remain anonymous.

However, while most of them give the right to keep full anonymity, without revealing any personal data or any information about the winner, in Portugal, Spain and France (organizers of the EuroMillions lottery as well) the town where the winning ticket was purchased is often revealed as only information.

When it comes to United States’ lotteries like Powerball, according to the law, the identity and city of residence of winners are public information. But seven of the 50 American states allow their citizens to shield their identities.

  • States that allow anonymity: Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina and Texas

  • States and territories that don’t allow anonymity: the remaining 43 states and territories like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Although an exception occurred on March 2018 after a lawsuit in New Hampshire, where lottery winners names should be public information: the judge established that the woman who won a huge Powerball jackpot of $560 million could remain anonymous.

So, before taking the decision about your anonymity as a lottery winner, it is important to be aware about the privacy law and, as we already said, to take advice from you lawyer.

Now that you know how to behave after winning a lottery, you can check out the main strategies to increase your chances of getting a prize. And we wish you the best of luck in purchasing the golden ticket that would make you our new EuroMillionaire!

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