The craziest things you can buy when you win the lottery

Congratulations you just won the jackpot of 50 Million! Sit down and take a few deep breaths — your life may never be the same again. Who does not dream about winning the jackpot? You can quit your current job, pack your bags and travel to the most exotic places in the world. But what do you do with the money afterwards?

Hitting the jackpot can open a world of possibilities for 
lottery winners, you may finally be able to buy a new house, found an organization focused on a cause that you care about or just spend your money on useless stuff. You can spend everything by yourself to make yourself feel completely happy. Science just proved that money can buy you happiness. You can spend money and reap psychological benefits. 

Being super rich means having the opportunity, and actually making use of it, to buy so many expensive things that majority can only probably dream of. Sometimes it happens that you are seeing things that may seem cool, but are actually just a waste of money. When you become a millionaire you don't mind the price tag anymore.

It is always a good idea to save some of your winnings to protect them. But there are a lot of expensive yet useless, but interesting things in the market. So here you have 10 ways to spend your wealth that can lead you to a happier and more satisfying life. 

10. Gold toilet paper
Yes, it exists! You can buy a $1.38 million roll of gold toilet paper. The 3-ply toilet paper is made up of 22 carat gold flakes and it is safe for use. It is the most expensive toilet paper roll in the world and a bottle of champagne comes along with the purchase of the product!

9. Fly your friends into space
Space travel is surprisingly affordable. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo holds six passengers. Tickets run $250,000 each, which means you can charter a private flight for you and five friends into space for $1.5 million. The 2.5 hour flight will put you in space for a few minutes just enough to take some pictures. 

8. Magnetic floating bed
Sleeping in the air sounds like a dream, right? As a millionaire everything is possible. You can buy a magnetic floating bed for only $1.6 million. The bed uses magnets to help it levitate 1.3 feet off the ground and can hold up to 2,000 pounds. With this bed you would probably sleep like a baby. 

7. A waterslide in your closet
As a new millionaire you've probably already built your own underground swimming pool beneath your house. Only for $2 million you could add a waterslide that is installed in your closet. Its a real must have because you will get probably bored by the long walk to the pool after changing into your bathing suit, this waterslide will solve that problem!

6. iPhone Black Diamond
The iPhone Black Diamond edition of Stuart Hughes has a 26-carat black diamond as the home button and costs you $15.3 million. It is therefore the most expensive phone in the world. The device is also equipped with 600 gems, of which 53 are placed in the Apple logo.

5. The most expensive internet domain
Buying domains with exclusive names and then selling for a higher price has become a real job for some. In this category, sex breaks the record as is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive domain in the world. The domain has been sold by Escom LLC to Clover Holdings Ltd for €10.800.000!

4. Buy your own island
What about your own private island? For just $30 million you can have one located in the Bahamas. Who does not want a private island with several beaches, three villas, four boats, your own golf course and your private chef?

3. Buy a soccer team
Buying a major sports franchise can cost well over a billion dollars, but that doesn't count for a low-rent soccer team. A low-rent soccer team will probably cost you around $100 million which is totally affordable. Besides that, you can also design your own mascot, which could be a lot of fun. In addition, it could even become a good investment!

win the lottery and buy a house

2. Buy a new luxury home
Any jackpot win would set you up for a big move. Or buy some international holiday homes. If you win one of the biggest jackpots you could purchase different holiday homes around the world. Or you can just buy Palace Green in London for $176.55 million. The home boasts 12 bedrooms and has a surface area over 14,736 square feet. It is one of the world's most expensive homes.

1. Private Jet
The most expensive private jet is the Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal's Airbus A380 with a price of $300 million. This private jet has a parking space, concert hall with grand piano, a Marble Hamam, five master bedrooms, 20 smaller private rooms, a spiral main staircase, a private elevator, a boardroom with holographic monitors and a prayer room. This would make your life complete. 

Are you interested in such a life change? Do you also think that so much money makes you happy or, rather, that your own soccer team or private island will make you happy? Otherwise, what about travelling and staying in the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts? Do you already imagine yourself in one of your Bahamas villas using golden toilet paper? 

Take your chances, play lotto on and live out your wildest dreams!

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