What time are the Powerball draws?

Powerball draws are held twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, at about 22:59 EST (3:59 GMT and 4:59 CET) in the state of Florida. As this lottery has no jackpot cap and is the most popular in the United States, its draws use to be the ones with highest prizes in the world. Discover here how to play the USA Powerball.


What time does the ticket sale start and stop? 

Powerball ticket sale closes at 22:00 EST (03:00 GMT and 4:00 CET) the same day of the draw. You will be able to check here the latest winning numbers and already buy tickets for the next draw shortly after the previous one has taken place. It's not too late to make your purchase, so don't miss out and buy your Powerball tickets now on EuroMillions.com!

Wednesday Powerball  

Wednesday's Powerball draws are feasibly the largest in the world. Both of the biggest ever lottery prizes were won exactly on Wednesdays! Just imagine $1.6 billion jackpot was split for 3 winners on Wednesday January 13, 2016. Also $758.7 million winning was won on Wednesday August 23, 2017 and was registered as the biggest jackpot prize with a single winner in history.  

Saturday Powerball    

Despite the fact that the chances to win are exactly the same on any draw day and the jackpots roll over from one to the other, based on statistics a bigger amount of Powerball participants is registered for Saturday night's draws. As the weekend comes, the dream of a life-change and the thrill of playing grow!    

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