Draw times of the Spanish lottery La Primitiva

If you want to try your luck in the Spanish lottery La Primitiva, you have the opportunity to do it every week on Thursday and Saturday. The draws are taking place in Madrid at 21:30 CET (20:30 GMT).

La Primitiva is a national Spanish lottery, although living in Spain is not mandatory for participating: with the possibility to purchase tickets online, any person who has attained the age of 18, has the right to try their luck in the lottery.


When does La Primitiva ticket sale open and close?

The deadline to buy tickets before La Primitiva draws, is every Thursday and Saturday at 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT). Shortly after that, you can already purchase your tickets for further draws.

La Primitiva Thursday and Saturday

La Primitiva has a very long history, dating way back in the 18th century, when it was known as “Lotería por números” (it changed name to La Primitiva in 1812). After being abolished in 1862, it was revitalized more than a century later, in 1985, with only the Thursday draws. Thanks to its success the saturday draw was added in 1988.

Since then, many changes have been made to increase the chances of winning and the ticket prices. The latest has been the introduction of the Special Category, which has the highest prize (6 numbers + Reintegro), increasing so the jackpot value but making it much harder to get, with odds of 1 in 139,838,160.

However, the bi-weekly format and the unusual mechanism of 2 different bonus-balls (Reintegro and Complementario) give players many opportunities to win. Interesting fact is that it’s one of the lotteries with higher percentage of awarded tickets: 35% of all purchased tickets are winning ones. Of course, not all of them can bring their owner a millionaire prize, but with 7 categories there are good chances to take home smaller amounts.

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