How to win the lottery: 5 tips and secrets to increase your chances

In order to win the lottery you need a dose of luck. And, sooner or later, it will come. Some winners were so lucky that they only had to purchase a lottery ticket once to hit a jackpot, while others use to take part in lotteries regularly, until they finally receive a reward for their patience and perseverance. After all, only wins the one who plays!

But it’s not only a matter of fate: there are many different methods and strategies that can increase the chance of actually winning the lottery.

If you don’t want to just wait for your turn of luck, keep reading and find out how you can really increase your chances of winning huge amounts of money every time you play, by choosing the right strategy.

How to increase your chances of winning the lottery

  1. Playing foreign lotteries

    First of all, if you are reading this post, you already know that playing only the national lottery of your own country is a thing of the past. Games like the Irish Lotto are very popular among their citizens, but more and more lottery lovers enjoy pushing their luck buying online tickets of the most famous international lotteries. And who could blame them? These lotteries really have staggering prizes; just to give an example, the American Powerball has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $40 million. What is more, usually these big international lotteries have several prize categories - for instance, Powerball has 9 different tiers - so that, even if you don’t match all the winning numbers, you still have a good chance of taking home a significant sum.

    By playing online, you get the chance of participating in the lottery with the best odds of winning or the one that uses to give away bigger prizes. Your strategy starts with picking the game that best fits your needs!

  2. Purchasing a multiple draws subscription

    Maybe you are an avid player, a lotteries lover, who usually buys a ticket for every draw of his favourite game, but you never bought a draw subscription. Indeed, it turns out that very often people are simply not aware that having a subscription plan is an actual option on lottery platforms. A lottery subscription would let you not only save money, but it would also ensure that you never miss a single draw, since you can plan your tickets and numbers at once, in line with your wants and needs. Some lottery experts think that players must use the same combination of numbers during several draws and they shouldn’t change it, so buying a draw subscription is a good way to follow this advice. 

    The most popular lotteries, such as the trans-European lottery EuroMillions, have guaranteed minimum jackpots worth several millions and their draws take place twice or three times a week. With a subscription plan, you would be hoping to become rich every day of the week, without stressing about remembering to buy your tickets.

    how to win the lottery

  3. Playing in a syndicate 

    A lottery syndicate is a group of players who purchase many tickets all together and, in case of winning, divide the prizes among participants, according to the share that each one has bought. This method increases the chances of winning, because it allows players to rely on many more lottery tickets with different combinations of numbers than they could purchase individually, without spending more money. You could even win more than one prize in a single draw! But you have to be aware that, instead of the full amount, you would only get a percentage of the potential prize.

    Building up a good syndicate and playing it on several draws of high-rewarding lotteries, you’ll be statistically increasing your odds of getting big amounts of money.

  4. Picking the most commonly drawn numbers

    If you are ready to put in action your strategy following the first 3 tips, you only miss a good way to select your numbers.

    Many lottery winners relied on the past draws statistics in order to choose their winning numbers. It’s true that every draw is independent from the previous ones, but if you check out the most frequent numbers of the biggest lotteries in the world, you’ll see there are some numbers that are simply luckier than others.

    This method is based on the belief that if a number falls out more often than others, then its chances to fall out in the next game are higher than the other numbers. If you are looking for your dose of luck, then pick the most frequently drawn numbers and you might have more opportunities to get a big winning.

  5. Dream predictions

    Lately many stories were released, talking about people who won the lottery playing numbers they had night dreams about. In December 2017, Olga Beno from Nova Scotia (Canada) won $4 Million by choosing lottery numbers that she once dreamt about back in 1989. The woman said that she felt a connection with those numbers and believed that one day this combination would make her rich! Since Olga had the dream in 1989, she played the lottery quite often with the same sequence, hoping that the day would come. And she was right!

    This is why you should not only pay attention to statistics, but also to signs and dreams. One of them might predict your lucky lottery numbers and make you a millionaire!

Be persistent 

As we said at the beginning of this article, some people just had to buy once a ticket to become lottery winners, but others had to be patient and play several draws. This is why we recommend you to don’t give up and keep playing. If you follow our tips, a huge jackpot will be closer to you than you think!

Are you ready to try it out? Play on and get ready to live the life you always wished!

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