How to play La Primitiva?


  1. What is La Primitiva lottery and how can I play?

    La Primitiva is the oldest lottery of Spain. To buy your ticket you must select 6 main numbers and a number called Reintegro will be automatically assigned.

    In the draws, two additional digits are drawn after the 6 main numbers: Complementario and Reintegro. The function of Complementario is to give bigger chances to win to whom have matched 5 of the 6 main numbers, therefore is only valid for the Second Category. Instead, Reintegro is an essential part of the Special Category, since if this digit is matched alongside the 6 main numbers, you win the jackpot. 

  2. Where can I check La Primitiva lottery results?

    You can check here the results of the latest draw of the spanish lottery La Primitiva, together with the winning numbers and jackpots of other top international lotteries.

  3. Which are the numbers of La Primitiva?

    In order to play you must select 6 main numbers from 1 to 49. In every draw, after the 6 main numbers are selected, the Complementario is drawn among the 43 remaining numbers. The Reintegro, that is automatically assigned during the purchase of the ticket, is drawn separately from a range between 0 and 9. Find out which are the luckiest numbers of La Primitiva and other popular lotteries.

  4. What are the prize categories of La Primitiva?

    In La Primitiva there are 5 categories plus the Special Category and the Reintegro. The prize tiers are the following:

    Special Category

    6 numbers + Reintegro

    1st Category

    6 numbers

    2nd Category

    5 numbers + Complementario

    3nd Category

    5 numbers

    4th Category

    4 numbers

    5th Category

    3 numbers


    If only the number designated for this prize matches with the one of your ticket

  5. What is El Joker and how can I participate?

    El Joker is an associated game to La Primitiva. Every Joker number has 7 digits and it can be played optionally after buying a ticket of La Primitiva. If the 7 digits are matched, the prize is €1 Million. 

  6. What are the odds of winning?

    In 2012 the Special Category (6 main numbers + Reintegro) was introduced and made it more difficult for players to win La Primitiva jackpot, since, previous to this modification, the odds to match just the 6 numbers (currently the First Category) were 13.983.816 to 1, and now the odds of hitting the jackpot are 139.838.160 to 1. But we should also bear in mind that the chances of getting any prize are 1 in 10. You can check the odds of winning the most popular lotteries around the world and compare them with La Primitiva.

  7.  When and where are the draws?

    The draws are held every week on Thursday and Saturday night at 21:30 (CET) in Madrid. 

    Find out which other national and international lotteries are played at the same time and during the rest of the week and choose which one to participate in. 

how to play la primitiva spanish lottery


  1. How do I win La Primitiva jackpot?

    La Primitiva jackpot corresponds to the Special Category. To win it you must match the 6 main numbers and the Reintegro digit.

  2. How many numbers should i match to win the smallest prize?

    Just by hitting the Reintegro number you can win a prize. Also if you match 3 of the 6 main numbers you get a guaranteed prize of €8.

  3. Is there a minimum guaranteed jackpot and a cap?

    The minimum guaranteed jackpot of La Primitiva is €2 Million and it increases with no limits from draw to draw until there’s a winner. 

  4. How do I claim a prize and what is the deadline to do it?

    If your prize is smaller than €2.500, you can claim it directly at the lottery administration where you bought your ticket. Instead if your prize is bigger than €2.500, you must make a request to a bank authorized by the lottery administration to claim your prize there.

    Remember that from €2.500 a tax of 20% will be applied to the lottery prize. The deadline to claim your prize is 3 months after the draw day. 

La Primitiva or EuroMillions?


Another popular lottery in Spain and worldwide is EuroMillions: In order to play, you must choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and two lucky stars from 1 to 12. If we compare it with La Primitiva, EuroMillions has more prize categories, 13 in total, while La Primitiva has 5 categories.

On the other hand, the minimum guaranteed jackpot of EuroMillions is €17 Million and La Primitiva’s is €2 Million. Although in La Primitiva the jackpot keeps growing limitlessly until there’s a winner, the first prize of this game has reached at most €101 Million, while in EuroMillions the jackpot has reached its cap of €190 Million.

It’s worth saying that you have the same chances to win the EuroMillions and La Primitiva jackpots, that is 139.838.160 to 1. But in EuroMillions the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 13, unlike La Primitiva where they are 1 in 10.

If you want to know more, read why it's better to be open to play international lotteries, instead of just buying national lottery tickets.

All who participate in different lotteries around the world share the same goal: to make their dreams come true! When you are ready to join them, statistics and information about these lotteries will help you understand which game fits better your preferences.

So, don’t wait any longer to make that first step towards changing your life and play on!

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