A right way to claim your lottery prize

Every day around 200 000 people from all over the world are becoming lucky lottery winners and weekly around 15 of them are becoming millionaires! On the other hand, guess what! Every year about €2 Billion of lottery prizes go unclaimed. Reasons for that are different, some of the winners never show up to claim their prize, others just forget to check their chosen numbers or throw away their golden lottery ticket even before the draw... 

Don't make the same mistakes and read carefully this article to know how and where you can claim your lottery winnings and how much time you have to do it!

Advantages of playing lottery online

Anyone in the world can try their luck by playing online not only national lotteries, but also foreign ones. One of the most famous is the EuroMillions lottery, it is organized by 9 European countries and its jackpot can reach €190 Million. Another popular lottery is Powerball, it is held in the United States and hits all jackpot records in the world! If you want to try your luck and wake up a millionaire one day, both of these lotteries are available on EuroMillions.com.

Thus, you only need an Internet connection and a credit card to buy your lucky lottery ticket. So, if you already have one and the numbers on your ticket coincide with those that fell during the draw, you are a lucky winner! However, you have to be aware and keep in mind that rules and regulations about claiming lottery prizes can be different for every country and lottery.

In general, until a certain amount of lottery prize you can claim it exactly where you purchased your ticket, a physical shop or a website. This limit depends on the country where the lottery is hosted. Above that amount, you have to get in touch with the lottery organization and present documentation to receive the prize in your bank account. 

What if you hit the jackpot? Claiming procedure

If you win a very big prize or even a jackpot, it is possible that you will have to travel to the country where the ticket was purchased or where the lottery is held. For example, if you bought a Powerball ticket during your trip to the United States, you would have to come back to pick up your big prize. This is why many people prefer to play lotteries online: the website can assist you in the whole procedure of claiming your prize and make it easier for you!

If you play EuroMillions lottery or buy a Powerball ticket on EuroMillions.com and win, first you will receive an email notification and prizes up to 2.500 euros, will automatically be transferred to your player account, where starting from 25 euros on your balance, you can quickly make a withdrawal to your personal bank account. When exceeding 2.500 euros, you have to get in touch with the lottery organization and the administrator of EuroMillions.com will help you with presenting documentation and claiming the prize.

What if you hit a jackpot and become our next EuroMillionaire? The first step to claim your winnings would be meeting with the administrator of EuroMillions.com and receiving the original lottery ticket, which you purchased on the website. Then, you will have an escort to the lottery commission to claim your prize, register your documents and bank account in order to receive your millions. However, to make it easier for you, the administration of EuroMillions.com can claim the prize on your behalf and make a transfer to your bank account. 

how to claim lottery prize

What if you lose it? Unclaimed lottery prizes

Sadly, billions of euros of lottery prizes remain unclaimed each year. Imagine you were playing the lottery and just didn’t check if your chosen numbers on a ticket matched the draw results... What if your lottery ticket were the one with those lucky numbers worth a millions prize?

That might have happened to two unknown players who, in 2006, didn’t claim their prize of 1.7 Million pounds (almost 2 Million euros). And it might be the reason why, in 2012, the largest ever-unclaimed jackpot of 64 Million pounds (approximately 73 Million euros) has never found its winner. Want to know more? Check out the biggest unclaimed prizes in history!

Deadline to claim winnings and what happens with unclaimed tickets

Have you ever wondered what happens with all that money when a winner doesn’t come out? Actually, it also depends on the country and region where you play the lottery. 

How long to claim EuroMillions winnings

In the case of EuroMillions, there are also regulations about the claiming period, which is the amount of time you have to claim your lottery prize. In the table below, you can see the claiming period in the organizer countries and what happens with unclaimed lottery prizes. Don’t waste your chance of becoming EuroMillionaire!


Claim Deadline 

What happens with unclaimed winning?


3 months

Will be transferred to the state’s budget


3 months

Returns to the Irish National Lottery


6 months

Transfers to Good Causes Fund


90 days

Transfers to Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa that runs hospitals and good causes funds


20 weeks

Goes to Belgium National Lottery budget


60 days 

Will be used to fund special lottery promotions


3 years

Returns to the lottery fund


26 weeks

Returns to the lottery to be distributed for the good causes 


2 months

Transfers to the lottery reserve’s fund

How long to claim Powerball winnings

Talking about Powerball lottery, the claiming deadlines depend on the US state where the ticket was purchased. To claim your winnings you have from 180 days, in states such as Washington, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Arizona,  up to 1 year, in states like Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts and New Jersey. 

And what happens if nobody claims PowerBall winnings before the deadline? Actually, every state has its own regulations and procedures regarding unclaimed prizes. Some states prefer to put money to the lottery fund for further jackpots boosts and other expenses, such as lottery advertisement and promotions. In other states, money goes to the government funds in order to benefit the state needs.

Now you know how to claim your lottery prize, but before planning how to spend the money,  be aware that your country may also set taxes on winnings! Find out more about tax regulations in different countries.

And if you haven’t won yet, then try your luck and buy a lottery ticket that can make you our new EuroMillionaire!

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