Playing lottery online: the checklist of a safe and reputable website

Maybe it does not reflect the tradition, but it is a fact: playing lottery online has become a daily occurence. We don't make a single step to go buy a lottery ticket, we just open our computer or use our smartphone to play one of the several national and international lotteries available online. And all that while we are busy doing something else. 

Take a moment to think: how often did it happen to you to play an online game during the coffee break or at the bus stop? With a click now we can really do anything with no effort. Times have changed, as well as our needs, and that is why our leisure activities accompanying us for ages are evolving too.

Lotteries have undergone, in fact, the digital transformation. On the internet we can find a wide range of various lotto games that take place all over the world and we can buy tickets whenever we want. Playing a lottery with the chance of winning huge amounts of money has never been so easy!

So now the thing is: can you trust playing lottery online?

There are still some sceptical about it, who prefer to play in the traditional way: going to a shop, taking out some coins from their pocket and putting back in it their paper lottery tickets.

But if you prefer the comfort and quickness of technology, then don’t worry about safety either! You just have to follow this checklist in order to not run into scams or frauds.

Let’s see how to recognise a secure and reputable lottery website: 

  1. High-quality website

    It is essential to play on a transparent, user-friendly and up-to-date website, without grammatical or content errors. If this is not the case, it will be more likely to think that it is not a legit lotto reseller. 

  2. Safe & Secure Claims

    You can notice if it is a secure site or not thanks to some signs:

    • a padlock symbol displays in the browser window frame: this is clickable and will permit you to display website’s full security details.
    • the “S” in the web address HTTPS://, where the “S” stands for secure.
    • latest browser versions will also display the address bar or site name owner in green.

  3. Contact Options

    Legitimate businesses offer customers multiple ways to get in touch with them, such as an email address, a contact form or a live chat. It might be a little suspect if the website does not publish any contact information.

  4. Social Media Presence

    Nowadays most of the businesses decide to provide additional communication channels like social profiles (such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) in order to stay in touch with their customers all the time. Also this component  serves to increase the confidence of customers and bring greater transparency to the business.

    safe lottery website

  5. Free of prepayment fee on the winnings

    A legitimate, trustworthy online lottery site will not impose fees on your winnings: winners should receive 100% of their prize money. If the lottery website states that it takes a certain share or commission of the winnings, it’s undoubtedly a scam.

  6. Secure payment methods

    There are some commonly accepted online payment methods like Credit Card, PayPal and BPay: these are considered secure ones, where money can be tracked and retrieved back if necessary. Usually the payment methods used by online scammers are, instead, money transfers like Western Union and direct bank deposits, where there is no way to return the money once it’s been transferred.

  7. Proof of purchase

    When you purchase a legitimate lottery ticket on an authorised website, you receive an official entry confirmation – available both in your account and email address. 

Every country has its own rules and legislation with regard to the issue of lottery permits. If you are in a safe website, it is the only thing you must keep in mind whenever you consider taking part in a foreign lottery. Indeed it is completely legal to play online the lottery of your choice and, with a little bit of attention, joining different lotteries from around the world is very easy.

With we grant you reliability, safety and obviously amusement.

So, players, all that remains is to wish you luck!


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