Why international lotteries are better to play than national ones

Lottery industry is one of the most popular branches of gambling in the world, and in the last years is undertaking a continuous development and growth thanks to the digital innovation, that has made possible to play most of the lotteries online, anytime.

The most traditional national lotteries haven’t stopped developing and changing their game matrix in the last couple decades, following the increase of tickets sales. They saw the opportunity to raise their prices and collect more money, in order to put on for grabs bigger jackpots and attract even more awareness and participation among lottery players.

And today, with new technologies and globalization, lotteries aren’t limited anymore to the boundaries of the host country. Purchasing online tickets has become a new innovative option that allows players to buy the lottery of their choice anytime, in just a couple clicks.

Ireland National lotteries

One of the most famous lotteries in Ireland is the Irish Lotto, which started in 1988 with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of £250.000, that today has been raised to €2 Million. The minimum purchase is €4, including 2 lines. One of the biggest changes in the history of this game has been the introduction of two additional draws, Plus 1 and Plus 2, and a parallel game, Lotto 5-4-3-2-1.

The Irish National Lottery also administers other, less popular games, like Daily Million and All Or Nothing.

UK National lotteries

UK Lotto is the favorite game managed by the National Lottery of the United Kingdom, with estimated 15 to 45 million tickets sold in each draw. Since its launch in 1994, many changes have been made, including the raise of ticket price from £1 to the current £2 per line. UK Lotto starting jackpots vary, with a base draw on Wednesday usually worth around £2 million and Saturdays generally worth between £3.8 and £4 million, while the jackpot cap is fixed to £22 million.

Other popular games provided by UK National Lottery are Thunderball, with a fixed jackpot of £500,000 and 8 additional prize levels, at the cost of £1 per ticket, and ‘Millionaire Raffle’, which is automatically included in the purchase of a UK Lotto ticket and gives away a single top prize of £1 million and 20 guaranteed prizes of £20,000.

play international lotteries

International lotteries: why they are better to play

However, more and more people prefer playing the most popular international lotteries and their reasons are easy to understand. We are not just talking about the EuroMillions, transnational game organized by 9 European countries, whose tickets are also on sale in UK and Ireland, but also foreign lotteries like the American PowerBall or the EuroJackpot, which is held by 7 countries (Germany, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Iceland), but is actually available online, all around the world.

So, why do lotto players favour international lotteries over national ones? Let’s check it out!

  1. Bigger jackpots, similar ticket prices

    One of the main reasons why international lotteries are so loved by people all over the world, is their jackpots amount. EuroMillions and PowerBall are two of the most famous lotteries, thanks to their huge jackpot hits, that turned hundreds of people into millionaires. The European lottery has a minimum jackpot of €17 Million and the American one guarantees at least $40 Million.

    While these lotteries grab the attention of people from all over the world and hit all winnings records, national lotteries are much more limited: Irish Lotto has a minimum jackpot of €2 Million and the minimum purchase is 2 lines at the price of €4; UK Thunderball is a £1 lottery that has a maximum prize of £500,000; UK Lotto offers a minimum guaranteed jackpot of £2 million that can roll over from draw to draw until the cap of £22 million and its ticket has a cost of £2 (including participation to the ‘Millionaire Raffle’).

    Playing online EuroMillions lottery for €3 and PowerBall for €3.50, on EuroMillions.com, lets you strive for much bigger rewards. 


    Minimum jackpote

    Price per ticket




    Irish Lotto

    2 Million

    4 (2 lines)

    UK Lotto

    £2 Million



    €17 Million



    $40 Million


  2. More prize tiers and bigger amounts for secondary prizes

    Besides huge jackpot amounts, we should also consider chances of winning and prize tiers. 

    Powerball offers 1 in 25 odds of winning, while EuroMillions and Thunderball have odds of 1 in 13. UK Lotto and rish Lotto have even better chances, 1 in 9.3 and 1 in 10, but less prize categories, just 8.

    Thunderball and Powerball have 9 levels, while EuroMillions offers 13 different categories, with respectively higher amounts compared to the national lotteries. With similar odds, international lotteries offer more varied prizes and with higher amounts. You can verify it, seeing here the Powerball prize breakdown and EuroMillions prize breakdown.

    And if you want to know more, check out also the odds of winning the biggest world lotteries.


    Prize tiers

    Odds of winning any prize

    Irush Lotto


    1 in 10

    UK Lotto


    1 in 9.3



    1 in 13



    1 in 25



    1 in 13

  3. Larger number of players: bigger rollovers

    It may sound strange that a big number of players is something good, since you might think if less people participate in a lottery, more chances you have to be the only winner.

    However, there is a good side of it as well. Active participation is the main reason why EuroMillions and PowerBall are the most popular lotteries in the world: their jackpots and prizes amounts depend on money gathered during lottery ticket sales. They became popular at the beginning because they were available for a very large population: PowerBall is held in 44 american states and EuroMillions is physically sold in 9 countries. And they were already offering the best lotto experience when they started being sold online, so people from all over the world now want to try their luck with them. The huge number of tickets sold allows the jackpots to increase exponentially in each rollover, even exceeding $1 billion!

    National lotteries, instead, aren’t able to attract so many players worldwide and, therefore, their prizes can’t ever reach such big sums.

  4. More days and more lotteries to play

    Last but not least, you must consider that there are many more lotteries in the rest of the world than in your own country. If you don’t limit yourself to national games, you have the opportunity to play a different lottery every day of the week! And if you split your budget on different lotteries, you can also reduce the risk of losing: this is actually one of the best strategies to increase the odds of winning the lottery!

It’s true that some lotto games have become for many people not just an entertainment, also a tradition. But if you are convinced of the advantages of playing the biggest international lotteries, you can choose the one you prefer the most and break the tradition… Soon you might become our new millionaire!

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