UK Millionaire Raffle Month Draw, Nov 25th

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

This month there was 18 new millionaires in the United Kingdom. The first 18 of a total of 50 winners that are each going to receive £1,000,000 was revealed on the Friday 25th of November, see the raffle codes below. To participate in this event hosted by the UK National Lottery you must be sure to buy your ticket from an UK ticket outlet to receive your raffle code.

On the 23rd of December another 25 lucky UK residents will become guaranteed millionaires, and each Euromillions draw till then will have the usual Millionaire raffle. Click for more Millionaires Month information.

The UK National Lottery's Millionaire Month Raffle Results Nov. 25

  • QTK867932
  • RTP724614
  • VVH599778
  • VVJ341321
  • VVL035544
  • VVL072570
  • VVM036610
  • VVM977572
  • VVP017360
  • VVQ059518
  • VVQ376718
  • VVQ387776
  • VVR165019
  • VVR198356
  • VVR288026
  • VVS586769
  • VVT048882
  • VVT537436

Rory McGrane