The New European Lottery

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

The New European Lottery

The next big thing in European lotteries is on it's way. Read more here!

Europe is an enormous place made up of many different countries. There's a national lottery in each country, and of course 9 of the European nations have combined their efforts to create the Euromillions. What about the other countries though? Why hadn't they ever gotten together to make another multi-national lottery? Well now they have. Starting on the 23rd of March there will be a brand new pan-European lottery consisting of 9 other 'rival' EU nations. This new game will be called the Euro Jackpot, and it's prizes, rules and odds of winning look set to give the Euromillions some serious competition. What this means for you lotto lovers is that there's a brilliant new game to choose from that will offer better odds to win tens of millions of Euro's from the comfort of your own home.

What Is The Euro Jackpot

The EuroJackpot is the brainchild of the 6 European nations, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia and Denmark. In November 2011 these nations met in Amsterdam to discuss the possibility of a huge new lottery game, and the result is the Euro Jackpot, which will hold it's first draw on the 23rd of March 2012. With more favourable jackpot odds and comparable top prizes this game looks set to give the Euromillions a run for it's money.

The draws will take place once every week on a Friday, held live in Helsinki, and there will be a minimuim jackpot guarantee each draw of €10,000,000. The odds of putting your hands on this incredible amount are good at 1 in 59,325,280. This is almost double the chance you have of winning the Euromillions jackpot, but not half the minimuim prize value! With such odds, we will be expecting far fewer rollovers especially as the game's organisers expect approximately 50 million players each week. As such the rollover prize cap has been set to €90,000,000.

So how do they create such favourable winning odds? Well like the Euromillions, players will be required to select 7 numbers total. 5 main numbers from one pool and 2 bonus numbers from another. What drops the odds considerably is that while players still choose 5 from a pool of 1-50 they choose their 2 bonus numbers from a reduced pool of only 1-8. This small difference from the Euromillions makes a big change for the players!

So what's the catch? There quite simply isn't one. Can I play online from anywhere in the world? Yes! Ticket sales will begin on the 23th of March, and you'll be able to buy them at Play Euro Jackpot. Bookmark the page and mark the 10th March in your diary, as this lottery promises to well worth your entry.

Rory McGrane