Sister Of EuroMillions Winner Spends Generous Gift

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Sister Of EuroMillions Winner Spends Generous Gift

Winners Dave and Angela Dawes promised to make 20 of their closest family and friends millionaires...

The sister of Dave and Angela Dawes who won a spectacular €101,203,600 in October last year has started to take advantage of a generous cash gift from her brother. Janet Marquis has not revealed just how much she received from the Euro Millions winning couple, but the 46 year old has however moved from her £220,000 semi detached home in Kent to something much more comfortable with her hubby James.

Neighbours have been talking with local news sources about the move, but say that they are bound to secrecy with regard to details. One neighbour has said this week “The money had been well deserved and I know she is spending it wisely”. After the huge Euromillions jackpot win in October Mr Dawes made a public pledge to make 20 of his family and friends millionaires. His half sister Janet Marquis was one of the first lucky few to feel the benefits of his generosity.

Dave Dawes a 47 year old -former- factory supervisor said at the time of his win “Any one who has helped us through our life, we intend to make them millionaires”. Mrs Marquis spoke directly about her brother's generosity after she received the gift: “We have had all this thrust upon us, so it's really all very strange at the moment.” she continued “I would prefer not to say how much he's given me, but it is genuinely life-changing and will be very well spent”.

Another former neighbour of Mrs Marquis has said “We were all as surprised and as pleased as they were I think when we all found out. Janet's brother must be a very generous man but it is well deserved”.

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Rory McGrane