Prizes Unclaimed And Claimed

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Prizes Unclaimed And Claimed

Another big prize puts Ireland on the map yet again!

The bonus game available only to Irish Euromillions players has created yet another winner of €500,000. Euromillions Plus is available on all Euromillions tickets purchased in Ireland at the cost of an extra €1 per line entered. The game enters your 5 main numbers into a second draw to win €500,000. The ticket that was sold on Friday the player had chosen Euromillions numbers 1, 2, 31, 37 and 48. We doubt the winner will be too unhappy that these numbers didn't match a single one of the drawn Euromillions numbers for that date.

A full five days later however and the ticket holder has yet to come forward to claim their cash. Moriarty's Centra was the shop who sold the winning ticket. The lucky store in Faranfore has previously sold a ticket that brought it's owner home a huge €350,000. Since the store is only an hour from the airport, speculation is that the winner may be a tourist, but rumour has it that they could be more local. The owner of the store Mike Moriarty said “There's been plenty of rumours that the winner is local but nobody really knows to be honest”. Mike went on to explain how just an hour after the draw, the Euromillions organisers phoned him to let him know he had sold a huge prize winning ticket.

He went to the press straight away saying “Obviously it's great publicity for us but we also want to advertise it because we don't want someone to have washed it away so we want everyone who bought a ticket to check it out” he continued “It's hard to believe that this draw is all over Europe, in Germany or France or wherever, and it ends up being sold in Faranfore”. While tickets aren't ordinarily sold in Germany, German players may enter the Euromillions online with

In other exciting news the Euromillions winner of €156,017 in Port Neath Wales has finally come forward after over a month since the draw. The winner may have come forward to claim their money but they have yet to decide on if they want to go public or not. A National Lottery spokeswoman said “We're delighted that the winner of this amazing prize has now come forward” and continued “It would have been awful if they had missed out”.

Remember when you purchase your ticket online you've no chance of losing it or forgetting to check the numbers. Your ticket is held safely and all of our winners are contacted by email when their ticket matches the numbers for a cash prize.

Rory McGrane