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EuroMillions Winners Start Spending13.03.2012

Tonights jackpot is for a huge €33 million, but what of the last two jackpots won this year?

Euromillions News
The New European Lottery13.03.2012

A new European lottery is coming that will rival the Euromillions, haven't you heard about the Euro Jackpot yet?

Euromillions News
Another UK Euromillions Winner05.03.2012

Yet another UK player claims the Euromillions jackpot. While a 19 year old discovers a Euromillions fortune tidying his room

Third Consecutive UK Euromillions Jackpot Winner27.02.2012

For the third time in a row a huge rollover jackpot has been won by a UK ticket holder

Prizes Unclaimed And Claimed23.02.2012

Another huge prize might go unclaimed, but there's a happy story for a Welsh Euromillions player who has finally been united with their prize.

Euromillions Winners Tuesday 21st February22.02.2012

The fifth consecutive rollover will see Friday's prize reach dizzying amounts yet again

Tuesdays Jackpot21.02.2012

Tonight's jackpot has reached €41 million, and with only a few hours left to buy a ticket we look at 2012's other winners

Euromillions Winners Friday 17th February20.02.2012

Friday's jackpot goes without a winner so we take a closer look at some of the other prizes won

Euromillions News
New Skrill/Moneybookers Payment Option With!17.02.2012 now offers their customers a safer and easier way of purchasing Euromillions tickets!

Euromillions News
Valentine Lotto Sweethearts Buy Cut Price Tent14.02.2012

British Euromillions jackpot winners go bargain hunting for new £39.99 tent with their recent winnings. Read more on!