Millionaire Month

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Lottery bosses look set to make this year a very merry Christmas for players in the UK; using the Millionaire Raffle to create fifty guaranteed millionaires in the space of a month. While there haven't been any announcements for the other European countries at the moment we sincerely hope a similar offer is extended to the other countries participating in the Euromillions.

More information on the Millionaire Raffle can be found behind the link, but essentially the Millionaire Raffle guarantees winners by assigning each person a completely unique code, one code is a guaranteed winner of £1,000,000 the others are not. What makes the millionaire month unique is that on the 25th of November not one but eighteen people will receive a code for a guaranteed £1 million. Then each of the 7 Euromillions draws in the run up to Christmas will guarantee another millionaire.

The greatest Christmas present yet comes on the 23rd of December just before Christmas day. Guaranteed millionaire codes won't be given to just a few, or even eighteen, but TWENTY-FIVE. So as the citizens of the UK hang up their stockings and eagerly await Christmas day, another twenty five of them will become millionaires!

Fifty millionaires in one month guaranteed! It's a tall order for the lottery providers but they will deliver and many people will be enjoying what will no doubt be their most memorable Christmas yet! A similar celebratory event was held in winter 2010 however at that time only twenty-five people were made millionaires. Now the ante is being upped and twice as many people will experience that joy as the previous year.

We will be updating the site with the winning raffle codes as they happen, so be sure to come and check the raffle results at

Rory McGrane