Megamillions Biggest Jackpot Winners

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Megamillions Biggest Jackpot Winners

Saturday marks the end of the biggest lottery jackpot in history!

Saturday's Mega Millions jackpot will go down in lotto history as being one of the greatest prizes ever offered or distributed by any world lottery game. The colossal prize of $640 million -€480 million- had been sought after by record breaking numbers of lotto players, and all of America has been in the grip lottery fever. Who can blame these lotto enthusiasts for trying to grab some of the worlds biggest cash prize? Even with winning odds of only 1 in 175 million.

Regardless of those odds, there is now a total of three winning tickets eligible for the jackpot prize. These three tickets beat all the odds and managed to successfully match the numbers 2-4-23-38-46 and the Mega Ball 23, to make their owners very rich people. Each ticket is in line to claim a whopping $213 million (€160 million) fortune.

So what of the three ticket holders? So far none have come forward, so the hunt is on. Journalists all over the States are desperately trying to find some information on the winners, and they're narrowing their search. For certain we know that the first lucky winner purchased their ticket in the small town of Red Bud in Illinois, the retailer at the shop where the ticket was sold can also reveal that the numbers on the ticket were chosen at random by machine in the “quick pick” option!

The owner of the store in Red Bud will receive $500,000 for selling the winning ticket, and was naturally delighted saying “All day yesterday I was selling tickets and hoping someone from Red Bud would win. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this. I'm just tickled pink!”. Denise Metzger the manager of the MotoMart shop also said “It's just unbelievable. Everyone is wanting to know who it is”.

The next winner to have all their numbers match Saturday's draw purchased their ticket in Maryland. The 7 Eleven where the ticket was sold has already faced swarms of reporters desperate to know more about the winner. The manager of the store has repeatedly denied interviews, but will be receiving a bonus of $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. In Maryland, winners have the right to stay anonymous with their big cash prize.

The final ticket was purchased in Kansas in the north-east. In Kansas again the winner has no obligation to make themselves known. Dennis Wilson, the Kansas lottery authority Director, said of the unknown ticker holder “we sure want to meet the winner, but we want to tell them, sign the back of the ticket and secure it”

Due to the enormity of the prize pool created during this epic lottery draw many more people are still much wealthier despite missing out on the jackpot. At least 3 other ticket holders can be expected to win millions of dollars, while hundreds more will be collecting other very substantial winnings. A total of 158 people who missed the main prize by failing to match the Mega Ball, will receive $250,000 (€187,254) each.

The hunt will continue discover the identities of Saturday winners of the enormous Mega Millions prizes. All eyes will be on them should they choose to go public after claiming their cash.

Rory McGrane