Mega Millions Winners

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Mega Millions Winners

The claiming of two Mega Millions prizes almost over shadows tonight's €39,000,000 Euro Millions rollover jackpot

Tonight's enormous Euromillions prize of €39,000,000 might be on the minds of every Euromillions enthusiast, but in the grand scheme of things this prize is somewhat overshadowed by the news that winners of the biggest lottery prize in history has come forward. The Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket holders have each won a third of a share of $656,000,000 -€501,119,983. The prize has one winning ticket from Kansas, one from Maryland and one from Illinois, the Kansas winner was first to produce their ticket on Friday, and now three players from Maryland in a syndicate have come forward with their ticket.

The winners purchased their ticket just outside of Baltimore (the State's biggest city) in a 7-Eleven shop in Milford Mill, and are three all work at a local elementary school. They have dubbed themselves "the three amigos" and they purchased 20 tickets each for their syndicate in that draw. They group is composed of a woman in her 20's, a man in his 40's and another woman in her 50's. They work together as a special education teacher, an elementary school teacher and an administrator. The lottery officials who could reveal some information about the winners have said that they are planning to backpack around Europe and visit Italy's famous vineyards and wineries. The youngest member of the syndicate in her 20's had to check all 60 tickets herself during the draw, in a statement to lottery officials she said "Once I realised one was a winner, I called my two friends right away".

Maryland is one of the few states that allows it's Jackpot winners the right to keep their anonymity, whereas in many other states the winner must make their identity public. They brought their ticket with all the winning numbers 2-4-23-38-46 and Mega Ball 23 to state lottery officials who have confirmed the prize. Last Friday the Kansas winner also came forward to collect their prize but kept their identity a secret too.

Colin and Chris Weir are no longer holders of the highest lottery jackpot ever and now only one Mega Millions winner from Illinois remains to claim their share of the prize. Maybe they are simply waiting for the furore over the prize to die down before coming forward, as their state lottery regulations don't allow them to stay anonymous.

In news concerning the Euromillions results one man from Athea in Limerick has just picked up his cheque for €50,000 after matching 5 numbers in the draw held on Friday the 23rd of March. The winner Thomas O'Mahony, a steel fitter in the small town, told local press “I wasn't watching the draw when it happened, I checked the numbers at about 12 o'clock that night. I think I was holding the ticket in my hand for about an hour afterwards”.


The lucky Irish winner plans to pay off his mortgage and take his son on a trip to Disneyland Paris. If you would like to be one of the many people winning big Euro Millions prizes then make sure you have a ticket for tonight's draw. With you can enter the Euromillions lottery from anywhere in the world!

Rory McGrane