Mega Millions Jackpot Record

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Mega Millions Jackpot Record

The biggest lottery jackpot in history is available now with the Mega Millions

The largest lottery jackpot in the history of the world is now available for lotto enthusiasts every where to take the chance at winning. The Mega Millions lottery in the U.S is advertising a a prize of approximately $540,000,000 -€377,000,000. This gargantuan prize is sky rocketing Mega Million's ticket sales, as players from all over American queue outside of their local retailers for their chance at the big time. The Mega Millions Prize advertised is of course only the annuity jackpot value, meaning it's the amount you'll receive if you choose to receive the money as 26 annual installments.

Taken as a lump sum payment however the prize is still a world record. If you manage to match all 5 main numbers that you choose from 1-56, and the 1 bonus number that's chosen from 1-46, then you can claim a lump sum payment of $389,000,000 -€291,000,000. Click for more information about how to play Mega Millions.

The big question on the minds of people all over the world now is “Can I play Mega Millions outside of the U.S?”. Thankfully the answer to this is yes!

In case you should happen to win the jackpot from outside of the U.S by playing the Mega Millions Online then be aware that you will only be able to claim the prize as a lump sum. While the annuity payments won't be available to you, the prize will still make you the riches lottery winner in history! Now that you've got the ability to play Mega Millions online what are you waiting for?

Rory McGrane