French Euro Million's Jackpot Winner

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

French Euro Million's Jackpot Winner

Finally the run of Euro Million's jackpots being won in the UK comes to a close

Tonight's jackpot has been reset to the minimum €15,000,000 after one lucky ticket holder is entitled to Friday's enormous prize of €26,096,499. The winner is based in France and has managed to break the run of consecutive jackpot winners based in the UK. All that is known of this anonymous ticket holder is that their ticket was purchased in Pas de Calais and that they only have 60 days to claim their prize. In an effort to retain the anonymity of the winner the Francais De Jeux will not reveal the particular city the player bought their ticket in.

Where the next jackpot is going nobody can be sure. However while the UK has recently been celebrating it's 5th consecutive win, the French are still on top having had a huge 68 jackpots distributed to French Euromillions winners since the beginning of the game.

The Euromillions numbers 9, 15, 23, 31, 50 and Lucky Stars 8 and 11 brought more than just the jackpot to France, as many more people have won cash prizes. In fact 7 people from Friday's draw managed to match 5 numbers and 1 star to make themselves €237,782 richer. Behind them were a further 11 people who have won €50,439 and then 43 people who can claim €6,451.

Tickets are still available online for tonight's draw, and you've got to be in it to win it.

Rory McGrane