France is Euromillions Luckiest Country

Published: Written by: Anna Dobson

Euromillions Luckiest Country

France title-holder of most Euromillions prizes won


As explained in our fascinating Common Lottery Myths Dispelled article, the odds of winning the Euromillions are the same for each and every individual player. However, for whatever reason some people appear to have all the luck! This is quite the case for France, who out of all the 13 participating Euromillions countries, has proven to be the most fortunate to date. This year alone, 7 French players have bagged the coveted Euromillions jackpot with the following staggering wins:

- 1st of January 2013 – Two players won €12,677,536 each

- 11th January 2013 - €34,191,508 was scooped by one player from Pas-de-Calais

- 25th of January 2013 - €44,297,359 was won by one player from Charente-Maritime

- 29th of March 2013 - €132,486,744 was bagged by one player from Seine-et-Marne

- 12th of April 2013 – One player won £26,258,943

- 28th of June 2013 – One player won €15,000,000

- 30th of August 2013 – One player won €12,821,111.50


The latest first prize takes France's accumulated winnings to a whopping €290, 410, 737.50 this 2013. In addition, it marks the 67th French jackpot since the beginning of Euromillions in 2004. Finally, France also boasts the 3rd, 4th and 5th biggest single ticket jackpots ever won in the history of the game with the huge cash prize from Tuesday the 13th of November comprising the largest in the history of the country. It knocked the previous title-holder from 2011 off the top spot and immediately catapulted the fortunate player to 221st place amongst the richest people in France.

- 13th of September 2011 - €162,256,622 was scooped by one player in Calvados.

- 13th of November 2012 - €169,837,010 was won by one player in Alpes-Maritimes.

- 29th of March 2013 - €132,486,744 (see above).

However, despite their good fortune, the UK still holds the record for the two biggest Euromillions jackpot winners. Chris and Colin Weir won £161,653,000 (€185,000,000) in 2011 whilst Gillian and Adrian Bayford scooped a staggering £148,656,000 (€190,000,000) back in 2012. Let's hope that the UK and France's luck extends a little to the other participating countries, such as Luxembourg, who have yet to see a Euromillions jackpot winner.

If you would like a little of your own good fortune then make sure you take a look at our handy tips on how to increase your chances of winning the Euromilions here. Good luck!

Anna Dobson