European Lottery Rollovers

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

European Lottery Rollovers

With two huge European lottery draws now held every Friday the potential to win lots of cash has increased

The two biggest lottery games in Europe, the Euromillions and the Euro Jackpot have both failed to produce winners with their Friday draws. For both lotteries this is the third consecutive jackpot roll-over and it means some big lottery prizes are up for grabs this week. In the Euro Jackpot come Friday there will be €13,000,000 to be won with some favourable jackpot odds. On Tuesday the Euro Millions has a prize of €39,000,000 to be won, however if it isn't won then Friday's jackpot will be over €45,000,000.

Without a jackpot winner in either lottery, millions of Euro's worth of prizes were won by many lucky lottery players in both games. Seven Euro Million's ticket holders are in line to win €236,476.97 each for matching 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star. Following them are a further 13 players who can claim €42,444.58 each.

The Euro Jackpot result player matching 5 numbers and 1 extra number has landed themselves a prize of €312,639.00, and another player has won a full €81,286.20 for taking the third prize. This shows that while the jackpot prizes in the new Euro Jackpot are lower after a rollover than in the Euro Millions, the second and third place prizes can still be higher, and with better odds of being won.

Rory McGrane