Euromillions Syndicate Winners Speak Out

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Euromillions Syndicate Winners Speak Out

The twelve winners of Friday's enormous jackpot celebrate their win and speak publicly

The 12 winners of the latest Euromillions jackpot have come forward to discuss their plans for their new found fortunes. The total prize they are splitting is a whopping €45,758,710, meaning each lucky entrant will receive approximately €3,813,226 each. In actuality only 11 of the 12 winning syndicate members have chosen to come forward to talk about their prize, while one is choosing to remain quiet and anonymous.

The stories of the 12 bus depot staff from Northamptonshire range from the generous to the hilarious. 11 of the 12 all met today to celebrate the big win at the Best Western Rockingham Forest hotel in Corby. Charlie Gillion (65) joked that he had to borrow £1 from his wife this morning to buy the newspaper. In a show of great generosity though Charlie plans to buy his daughter and her two children their own home with his winnings.

At the moment his daughter Marianne Gillion (44) is living alone with her two sons of 14 and 16 in rented accommodation, but she has already started viewing four bedroom homes for her family. A smiling Marianne said yesterday of the win “I am absolutely over the moon. I didn't think anything like this in a million years would ever happen. It is something you dream of. I have always said I wouldn't be in a position to buy a house”. The local supermarket worker will also have her father to thank for the car he plans to buy her too. Of her father she said “He is putting other people first, which it what he does all the time”.

Charlie Gillion is a father of three, a grandfather to ten, and a great grandfather to six, and he's keen to use his new found riches to help his huge family. “The first thing for us to do is to help the family out, we have to make sure everyone is comfortable” said the 65 year old. His wife Penelope, also 65 years old, said the win is “the perfect retirement present”.

While the former bus depot workers were being treated to their luxury lunch with lottery operators Camelot, one member (40 year old Charles Connor) turned down the caviar offered to him stating “I am a working class lad – I am not going to turn into some Lord Fauntleroy”

Tragically a female worker named Hazel Loveday had apparently only left the £2 a week syndicate just 6 months ago, and has now missed out on a share of this big win. Her luckier colleagues refused to discuss her position in depth but did say “We all like Hazel, she's a good friend”. Unsurprisingly none of the syndicate members made it to their place of work on Saturday said Camelot.

The 11 syndicate members who have come forward are Derek Wilson, 51, Ally Spence, 57, Charlie Connor, 40, Alex Robertson, 57, Neil Tayton, 58, Dave Mead 54, Charlie Gillion, 65, Jim Paton, 55, John Noakes, 49, Chris Smith, 34 and Stephen Derrick, 53. Of these men already 5 have handed in their notice to their employer. The syndicate leader Chris Smith said “We started the syndicae about three years ago and everyone chose a set of numbers – it's only £2 each in the pot every week. “I always try to watch the draw show live, or record it, and check off all our numbers.”

“On Friday my partner checked half our numbers and I checked the other half – she just passed the winning ticket over and paused the TV on the numbers. We kept looking at it and passing it between each other about four or five times. We couldn't really believe they all matched” he added “Times have been very tough for everyone – we were facing up to shifts being cut, which can really hit you in the pocket. This win means so much and is life-changing for everybody – people can live their dreams and help out their families”

“This couldn't have happened to a better bunch of blokes. We are all friends as well as colleagues and I am happy that we have all won together”.

Rory McGrane