Euro Jackpot First Draw

Published: Written by: Rory McGrane

Euro Jackpot First Draw

The first result of the new European lottery has made a lot of people much better off

The Euro Jackpot has gotten off to a strong start, but has in it's first draw refused to relinquish it's jackpot prize. This means that on Friday the 30th March the rollover jackpot of €11,000,00 will be available with odds of only 1 in 59 million!

Even the game's second place prize of approximately €250,000 has eluded a winner! The third prize however has been won by two people who have successfully matched 5 main numbers only. These two ticket holders will receive a fantastic €42,755 each! Just behind that a full 12 people managed to match 4 main numbers and 2 extra numbers with the draw and will be receiving an excellent fourth place prize of €6,577.70 each.

The number of winners increases dramatically with Friday's 5th place Euro Jackpot prize. A full 245 people can claim €255 each, for matching 4 main and 1 extra number. A further 302 people matched just 4 main numbers for a great prize of €130.60 and in 7th place an enormous 706 winners can claim €73.20.

What can be said of the Euro Jackpot is that the chance to return hundreds of Euro's for a €2 ticket cost is as far improved over the Euro Millions as the jackpot odds are. Next Friday's draw will almost certainly see a winner, but if not there will still be plenty of people lining their pockets with Euro Jackpot cash.

In a development both hilarious and tragic, depending on which side you see it from, 302 Danish players received an email shortly after the draw claiming that they had won billions of Danish Crowns. An hour and a half later however each player received another email revealing that each player had won various others amounts from €8.40 to €73.20. Thomas Rorsig, spokesperson for Danish Euro Jackpot organiser "Danske Spil" said, "All won prizes but not billions of crowns".

He said it was all done to simple human error when Dansk Spil employees were emailing Danish cash prize winners. Thomas Rorsig added "Nothing like this has ever happened before, and I hope it never does again."

Rory McGrane