10 Strange Hiding Places For Winning Lottery Tickets

Published: Written by: Anna Dobson

10 Strange Hiding Places For Winning Lottery Tickets

Where would you hide your winning lottery ticket?

When players' numbers finally come up, after the initial burst of excitement, they then have to consider where they will store their precious lottery ticket until they can collect their winnings. There are many places that could be. However, the UK National Lottery shed some light on the subject when they revealed some places where fortunate players have hidden, or would hide, their winning ticket for safekeeping. The following locations feature amongst the most bizarre!

1. Hiding it in Their Underwear/Clothes

Women typically opt for hiding a winning ticket in their bra whilst other players chose to store them in their socks and underpants. One lottery winner was so concerned he would lose his ticket that he consequently sellotaped it to his chest. Another pinned his winning ticket to the inside of his shirt.

2. Antique Teapot

A fortunate couple decided to hide their winning ticket in an antique teapot left to them by their great, great, grandparents as opposed to leaving it on the window sill or storing it in the lady's purse, where they usually keep it.

3. In the Freezer

When lottery players were asked where they would potentially hide a winning ticket, inside the freezer consisted of one of the most unique replies.

4. Under the Bedroom Carpet

A syndicate leader decided that, until she had the opportunity to collect the winnings, she would rip the corner of her bedroom carpet and hide the winning ticket under there. I imagine some of her payout would be spent on replacing her carpet!

5. In the dictionary under “M”

As a happy reminder of their new found wealth, one fortunate player hid their winning ticket in a dictionary under the letter “M” for millionaire.

6. Down the Back of the Sofa

Down the back of sofa is more often associated with losing things as opposed to storing valuable items. Either way, it featured amongst one of the mentioned hiding places.

7. In the Cat Food or Dog's Bed

It you would like your winning ticket to smell of cat food or potentially be ripped to pieces by your beloved dog then you may want to join those players that opted for hiding their winning ticket in the cat food or dog's bed.

8. Shoebox in the Back of the Car

One lottery winner decided not to to take any chances thus, their precious ticket was consequently stored in a shoebox then locked in the trunk of their car.

9. Tucked in the Car Sun Visor

If in a shoebox kept in the car trunk appears a little extreme you may want to consider the car sun visor like some players did.

10. Garbage Bag About to be Collected Consisting of the most unique, and quite possibly the worst hiding place, is a garbage bag. Yes, one lottery winner felt that a garbage bag about to be collected would be the safest place to store his precious ticket. Whatever their reasoning, there are just so many ways that their plan could have gone wrong!

Finally, aside from the aforementioned very innovative hiding places, other players confirmed that they would hide, or have hid, their winning lottery ticket in the following places: a biscuit tin, picture frame, under the mattress, in their secretary's make up bag, a safe, a draw or cupboard, their pocket, in their wallet or purse, stuck to the fridge with a magnet or quite comically locked in a briefcase then hidden under the bed and guarded by their dog! Because you can't take any chances......

The only slight problem with this is if you hide your ticket so well you might not remember where you put it!

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Anna Dobson