Euromillions Prizes

Published: Written by: Anna Dobson

Euromillions Prizes

Prize Structure of the Euromillions Lottery

The prize structure of the Euromillions is rather unique. The Euromillions lottery boasts 13 different prize levels funded by the money collected from Euromillions ticket purchases. The first 50% of the price for a Euromillions lottery ticket goes to the lottery operating company in each country such as the Camelot Group, operators of the UK National Lottery.

The remaining 50% is added to the Common Prize Fund (CPF) from which all Euromillions prizes are paid out. 91% (approx.) of this huge pot of money is distributed throughout the 13 prize levels (as demonstrated in the table below), whilst 9% (approx.) is contributed towards the Euromillions Reserve Fund, or Booster Fund. It is used to “boost” the jackpot in the event that the Euromillions first prize needs topping up in order to reach the guaranteed minimum of €15 million (£12 million).

A detailed breakdown of the Euromillions odds and Euromillions prize structure are provided in the following table:

Prize Level Main No.Lucky StarsOdds (approx.) % of Prize FundEst. Win* (€/£)
Tier 13201 in 2318.0%4,00 €/£2.70
Tier 12211 in 4617.6%8 €/£5.40
Tier 11121 in 1576.5%10 €/£6.90
Tier 10301 in 3273.7%12 €/£8.20
Tier 9311 in 6542.2%14 €/£9.80
Tier 8221 in 8222.3%19 €/£12.80
Tier 7321 in 11,7710.5%59 €/£40.10
Tier 6401 in 14,3870.7%101 €/£68.10
Tier 5411 in 28,7740.7%201 €/£137.20
Tier 4421 in 517,9200.8%4,143 €/£2,824,30
Tier 3501 in 3,236,9951.6%51,792 €/£35,303.90
Tier 2511 in 6,473,9894.8%310,751 €/£211,823.60
Jackpot521 in 116,531,80032.0%Jackpot
Booster fund8.6%

* The exact amount of prize money depends on how many Euromillions lottery tickets are purchased and the number of players that have matched the same winning numbers.

Anna Dobson